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"WOW! What a magical, rejuvenating, inspiring, meditational and empowering experience.  5 Star Rating!   Last Wednesday night, I undertook a Float Therapy session and I still feeling the benefits from it - my joints feel great and my mind is clearer.
From the moment you speak to Jim Ryan on the phone to ask a question, to the moment you finish your session (by having a refreshing cup of tea, indulge in a few purchases as he has an amazing range of crystals, Himalayas Bath Salts and incense), this journey takes you to a world of self-love, awareness and appreciation, tranquillity, blissful and overall is a seamless experience.

So, if you want to be touched, moved and inspired (all whilst releasing any tension in your mind and body), then please book yourself in pronto to see the team at Breathe Stretch Float."

Chrissie K.

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