Great atmosphere, friendly staff! Wasn’t sure what to expect but after an hour float I was really relaxed and feeling great! Great 👍


Just had a magical float followed by some time in the salt therapy room.... it was a wonderful experience, I can’t wait to go back.
Can highly recommend Breathe Stretch Float - the lovely, warm service, beautiful welcoming and calming rooms, makes this the place to visit if you ever need to relax. I’m so relaxed I can barely make sense writing this. It works!


I had a very restorative and relaxing float at Breathe Stretch Float, it was completely calming.

Jim was so helpful and reassuring, as a first timer I wasn’t sure what to expect and he took me through it all patiently, and I absolutely loved it.

A lovely experience, I highly recommend it!


Third time floating and first time at this establishment. This float tank experience was my best one so far and the tank provided optimal conditions for a complete sensory deprivation experience. Facilities were great and Jim was very friendly!


After my first float ever, I came up feeling incredible. Jim was knowledgeable and answered questions confidently and with real care. I’m so glad I finally went. I did purchase a 3 float session and I feel like this will be an ongoing thing! Thanks Jim!!!


OMG guys, I'd forgotten how wonderful it feels after a float session. I just feel so at ease as the day goes on, not feeling overwhelmed and just able to get on with things calmly. Such a beautifully serene retreat 🙏❤️💫


Yes! We went for our wedding anniversary . It was amazing . We have just finished the busiest week of our life - harvesting garlic and strawberries , catering for our first wedding and a few markets . We also have 3 young boys we run after ! Within minutes I experienced relaxation to a level I didn’t know existed . Hubby even fell asleep !!! The cup of herbal tea was necessary as we were so relaxed we wouldn’t have been able to drive straight away ! Plus all the health benefits it’s a must for everyone to try !!


Just had a float in one of the tanks at Breathe Stretch Float - the most insanely relaxing thing I have ever done in my life it is absolutely impossible to feel stressed in there - and I was seriously stressed before I went in! I came out energised and feeling fantastic - I highly recommend this place to anyone - don’t wait do it now! Jim is absolutely lovely too.


Had an amazing experience today at Breathe Stretch Float.
I tried flotation therapy for the first time and I’m so glad I did.
What a wonderful, calming, healing and centering experience.
From the moment I began floating I felt an instant sense of calm and zen. My back relaxed and felt realigned and then my mind allowed all busy thoughts to escape and allow my brain to relax and enter a deep sense of relaxation.
It felt like I was meditating but even deeper.
My aching back and shoulder felt a total sense of relief and I was able to move my shoulder freely and without pain for the first time in two weeks.
After my float I was totally relaxed and ready for my salt cave experience. The environment was peaceful and I felt calm. The air was easy to breathe and the music playing in the background helped make the whole experience one that I could highly recommend to anyone who is experiencing breathing problems and/or hay fever.
Upon finishing my sessions I jumped at the chance to rebook the same experience. Healing your body from within sounds like a good idea to me. Highly recommend. Great location, great friendly staff and state of the art facilities. 10/10 😊


I Have floated before, many years ago, but could not find a Place or People that I felt connected to and was Peaceful to be in and around.
I was told about Jim at Breathe Stretch Float. Rang and booked.
Went in today.... easy parking, easy access.
Peaceful and Calming as You walk in. Jim and Jo....nice people, relaxed vibe.
Quick paperwork and talk through process.... in to tank...
The experience was, is better than I remembered.
Laying Floating Suspended on in the water.... no other sensory touch....
Nerves relax.... no pressure.... no signals firing of to your brain....
At Peace within self.... Pure relaxation..... No Pain.
It may not be for all.... but if only a maybe....
Give yourself a Beautiful Positive Pleasurable experience.... You will come back for more.
Have already booked next Float.


I recently purchased a three pack float experience, interested to see the mind/body benefits. Having just finished my third float I can say that it has been a great experience and a health routine I plan to continue and incorporate into my busy lifestyle.
I found floating to be a time to completely quieten my mind, relax, focus on my breathing and attain a very peaceful state. The effects on my physical body have been surprising. Whilst I expected muscle soreness to reduce due to the salt concentration, I did not expect fluid around and behind my knees (bakers cysts) to significantly reduce and almost disappear. This has been wonderful. I can recommend for anyone with osteoarthritis and painful joints, that floating may significantly reduce your discomfort. After having "dodgy" knees for over 12 months, floating has really helped to reduce fluid and get more movement and range. Definitely give it a go !


I spent the morning here on Saturday. had a beautifully relaxing float followed up with a session in the salt room. Great facilities amazing service can't wait to book my next session. Thanks for the experience.