Client Testimonials

Really enjoy my Float experience each fortnight.  Took me a few goes to get the hang of it but once you let yourself go and relax, it really is amazing.

I used to visit a massage therapist regularly as I suffer from migraines due to a car accident I had approximately 10 years ago.   No more having to pop prescription pain killers to get me through the day. 

Jim and Jo are so welcoming. They go out of their way to ensure you have the best experience.   Highly recommend trying their introductory float pack as it can take some time to settle in - Crystal L.

There are absolutely no words to how amazing the Float tank is.  I have legitimately never felt this relaxed in my entire life, pain free and stress free.   
So thankful that I got to do this with my partner, because there are no words to explain to him this feeling. 

If you have not done this, you must do this now, you will not regret it! - Heather C.

My partner and I had our first floats on Monday and WOW what a beautiful experience it was.  We both had a few sore muscles and bit of internal stress and both of these melted away whilst we floated.   
Our moods, skin and sleep were all greatly improved after our first float and my partner even booked in his second before we left!   
Jim & Jo thanks so much we can’t wait to come back - Georgina T.

What better way to kill viruses than from the inside!  I started some Halotherapy a couple weeks ago, when I started working 40hr weekends. It has been a complete revelation!   
I was run down with a head cold and decided to pop in out of curiosity - it cleared me up within two days.  Now it is part of my weekly routine.  Could not recommend this place any more. 
I urge all hospo workers & hustlers of the like to give it a shot - Steve S.

I had my first session in the magical salt cave today and I cannot rave about it enough. 
Jim is wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable and the environment so tranquil and pretty. 

It is incredible - such a peaceful way to completely check-out, reflect and heal - right in the middle of the CBD! 
I left feeling relaxed, refreshed and calm...breathing easier. 

I told you Jim, and I meant it...I'm moving in!! - Jenna G.

The Salt Cave is utterly amazing.

If you're reading this, your body needs this experience ... your body deserves the break.
I’m hooked I won’t be going anywhere else.
Thanks Jim - eternally grateful - Ben P.

I have tried dance classes elsewhere and felt out of place. Tried a Dance Fusion class today at Breathe Stretch Float and had so much fun!   Anthea really broke the steps down for everyone, made us feel really comfortable and it was great to share some laughs.

Thank you for bringing such a beautiful space in to the Adelaide CBD! 

I’ll definitely be back again to try out the other classes and services! - Amanda C.

Liz is a fantastic and dynamic instructor who always makes me feel comfortable and empowered!   


Beautiful small classes with attentive guidance. Not sure what I'd do on Friday mornings without this class! (Yin).


Perfect way to slide into a weekend - Jess W.

… a really great place if you want a super well-rounded yoga/fitness experience. I've tried out other spots but this one really does have it all.  The place is noticeably clean and smells really fresh (not always the case with a hot yoga studio).
The decor is really relaxing and creates a nice atmosphere - low lit, colourful lighting, leaves covering walls, pretty paintings.  

Jo is especially great - she's really creative with her use of essential oils and crystals throughout her sessions in a really comfortable way!   

Definitely recommend – Bueonos2Beijing

I was able to dispose of trauma and its residual effects - one significant event at a time.  After one havening session with Jim, I felt lighter, more confident and detached from limiting behaviours.

He made the process of identifying and working through trauma so relaxing, explaining the science behind the havening technique, so I understood why I was doing it and why it worked.

I was exhausted after my havening session but the next morning, I felt so much better!

For the first time I feel a difference in creating space... some control and I am sleeping a lot better! 

I had a havening session with Jim as I was freaking out about my upcoming Fringe performance - a show that I had done so many times before but this time I just couldn't control my anxiety or sense of panic around this particular one.  I couldn't remember my choreography and I felt so anxious that my stress levels were going through the roof!

I had also put on a heap of weight since my last show and I was feeling very self conscious, uncomfortable about how I would look in my costumes and definitely not confident AT ALL. 

Jim made me feel so at ease and I couldn't believe how my session completely changed my performance!  I hadn't lost any weight or practiced any more than usual but OMG, I seriously had the BEST show ever - I felt like Beyonce' on stage, strutting my stuff!!  

Thank you Jim for helping me with this breakthrough!