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Have you ever experienced 'paralysing fear' or frozen during a presentation, exam or job interview?   


Do you suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD or depression to the point where it has left you feeling isolated or fearful of leaving the house or socialising?  These are just some of the consequences of traumatic encoding and stressful life events that Havening Techniques can help with.


A fast and long-lasting healing modality designed to help individuals overcome fears, phobias, psychological trauma and emotional disturbances, Havening Techniques are unlike hypnosis as you are always aware of your feelings, thoughts, and surroundings and participate fully in the process.


Specialising in:

*Anxiety / panic attacks / stress / PTSD

* Stress management

* Fear of flying (in particular, but many others)

* Phobias

* Exam &/or interview nerves

* Low self-confidence / low self-esteem

* Pain management

* Sports performance

* Belief creation / confidence / empowerment

The following video is a demonstration and explanation of the concepts relating to Havening by Carol Robertson, PhD.

Having worked with and helped well over 100 clients, our Havening Practitioner has achieved some life-changing results for them with this technique.  A testimonial from a client states: "The havening was possibly the best experience I’ve had in my recovery from PTSD. Couple with the float that followed, I am now feeling the best I have in decades."


These sessions are undertaken in person in our Himalayan Salt Cave or online via Zoom.


Reclaim your power today and call our Certified Havening Practitioner on 0433 032 185 to book your appointment or to find out more!

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