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A magic cave of saltiness


September 8, 2019

"The phrase 'working in a salt mine' takes on a whole new meaning when you enter a CBD office building and are transported into a wellness retreat.  Jim Ryan has imported more than four tonnes of 250-million-year old Himalayan salt blocks as part of a dreamy new health centre, complete with floatation tanks, yoga studio, mood lighting and soft music. 

It has infra red heat panels designed to warm the body rather than the air, while the two floatation tanks in separate rooms - large like space capsules rather than claustrophobic coffins - each have 350kg of Epsom salts allowing the guest to float weightless.  The crowning glory of this Flinders St office block is its salt cave.

"Apart from going into space with NASA or swimming in the Dead Sea, this is really the only way to experience complete weightlessness," he said.  "The deep relaxation reduces anxiety and stress while increasing endorphins." 

Mr Ryan said breathing in the salt mist could break up mucus and remove irritants, while the calming surrounds reduced stress and anxiety.  The former UK professional ice hockey player and policeman said the centre also offered life coaching."

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