What better way to kill viruses than from the inside! I started some Halotherapy a couple weeks ago, when I started working 40hr weekends. It has been a complete revelation! I was run down with a head cold and decided to pop in out of curiosity, it cleared me up within two days. Now it is part of my weekly routine. Could not recommend this place any more, I urge all hospo workers and hustlers of the like to give it a shot. Just come say hi and Jim & Jo will look after the rest! 🙏


I tried Halotherapy (salt therapy) for the first time this morning at Breathe Stretch Float and found it to be sooo calming. I didn’t want to leave. What a beautiful space you have created. Thank you Jim 🙏🏼


I spent the morning here on Saturday. had a beautifully relaxing float followed up with a session in the salt room. Great facilities amazing service can't wait to book my next session. Thanks for the experience.


I was welcomed by the owner Jim, he is very knowledgeable about the benefits of Salt therapy.
I love the Salt Therapy (Halotherapy), I tried the 3 pack to relax and recover in the salt cave. In these trying times I wanted to ensure my health was at its optimum as I have predisposition for respiratory issues and allergies.
A surprising thing happened after spending 45 mins in the room that is ground pharmaceutical grade salt, which is gently dispersed from the halogenerator, my mood lifted and felt a real sense of well being several hours later, when previously I was anxious and run down.
I highly recommend it, to boost your immune and wellbeing.
Amazing results


I had my first session in their magical salt cave today and I cannot rave about it enough. Jim is wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable and the environment so tranquil and pretty.
It is incredible that such a peaceful way to completely check-out, reflect and heal is right in the middle of the cbd!
I left feeling relaxed, refreshed and calm...even breathing easier.
I cannot wait to come back and try other services and classes!
I told you at the time Jim, and I meant it...I'm moving in!!


Took my 8 year old son for Halotherapy sessions to help with asthma/allergies and just some relax time. I loved, he loved it and it really did help reduce the amount of ventolin he was taking. I also noticed my hay fever had improved. The staff were brilliant. Next thing to try will be the float tanks!


Recently I had a chest infection which caused a lot of coughing and wheezing which in turn developed into asthma.
My daughter read about the salt room at Breathe Stretch Float and gave me a voucher for three visits. After just 3 sessions my wheezing and coughing had almost gone. I continued with 2 more visits and I have been completely cleared of any breathing difficulties.
I highly recommend the salt room and encourage anyone to try it. It’s extremely relaxing, but in particular it helps with breathing problems, I know because it made a world of difference to me 🌺😊


I walked in there with asthma after being sick and on medication, after 1 session my asthma cleared up for 1 week, when I did not need to use my inhaler. Most unique and relaxing salt room in Adelaide


I’ve started Salt Therapy as my hay fever was so bad I was desperate to try anything. I wish I had found this sooner. After my first session I instantly felt better. Wish I had found this years ago rather than suffer through Adelaide’s spring time. Do yourself a favour and give it a go. What have you got to loose?


The salt room is beautiful, I take my two young children for health reasons and it seems to be helping ease the symptoms in only the few sessions we have had. Its a natural alternative that I recommend parents with children try. Jim is also great he is welcoming, calming and accommodating. We love the weekly sessions.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality

I was very nervous about trying a float session, and after speaking with Jim - many of my concerns were put at ease. The setting and explanations for the bath float were top quality, and I’ve never experienced a complete ‘switch off’ mentally quite like this before.
I’d recommend the salt room and float bath as a wonderful way to get some tranquility in our unknown environment at the moment.
Having a cuppa and a nice chat at the end was just part of the amazing customer service.
I’ll be going back again for sure