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I was given the opportunity to have a float towards the end of my pregnancy 38 weeks along with my friend Kate who was 34 weeks pregnant. Both of us were excited to take the pressure off of our backs and pelvises, and really relax for an hour. What a fantastic way to spend a morning with a friend.
Walking into the studio, we were greeted by the owner Jim who was welcoming and knowledgeable. Each float room felt like a mini-spa sanctuary. Dim lighting, relaxing music, towels, a shower (including amenities) and a float tank. Jim went through the whole process with both of us, giving us chances to ask questions and making sure we were comfortable before excusing himself. What made me feel the most at ease was the light which I can control from inside of the tank, and an emergency button on the other side which if pressed calls Jim into the room. You can get in and out of the tanks yourself as well. As an anxious person, these features made me feel safe.
We split up into our adjoining rooms and it was time to get to floating! Getting in was easy, due to a little step. Very important when you’re super pregnant!! I couldn’t believe how buoyant I was in the water. The 1000 kg of Epsom salts were unlike anything I’ve felt, way more buoyant than a bath or a swim in the ocean. The temperature was quite comfortable, not too hot or too cold. I was able to sit up fully inside of the tank, which is great when you are someone who occasionally gets claustrophobic. Initially I floated with a head support, but found it more comfortable on my neck to not use it. It felt unbelievably delicious to feel the water completely support the weight of myself and my baby and give my joints a break.
The movements of baby while floating felt so different. Without any other sensory imput, every kick, flutter and stretch felt more alien and discernable. You really have to feel it for yourself, it’s hard to describe.
I really enjoyed rocking my hips a bit, to loosen up my back. And sometimes had my hands behind my head, other times at my side, and sometimes on my belly to connect with baby. I tried to meditate and relax, but felt like with the lack of stimulus my brain was very loud. I thought I wasn’t floating “properly” because I didn’t feel completely switched off. My friend Kate had a different experience, feeling like she fell asleep a few times and really drifted. I think whatever experience you have is valid for you.
Although I didn’t feel relaxed during my float, I felt incredibly relaxed and happy after. I definitely got the same benefit as Kate, despite not feeling like I did it “right”. The end of our float was indicated by the music starting again and a dim light switching on inside our tanks.
Our float concluded with a shared cup of tea just outside of our rooms. We both had relaxed, happy smiles and couldn’t stop grinning at one another. It was great not having to go back into the real world immediately and having the opportunity to have a cup of tea with a good friend.
Post-float we both felt like we were both totally blissed. It was like that feeling after a brilliant massage or a meditative yoga session.I noticed that I slept really deeply that night, despite having a few contractions here and there. Kate told me the next day that she slept deeply, between her toddler waking her up.

Hilary Rorison (Australian College of Midwives)

I recently purchased a three pack float experience, interested to see the mind/body benefits. Having just finished my third float I can say that it has been a great experience and a health routine I plan to continue and incoporate into my busy lifestyle.
I found floating to be a time to completely quieten my mind, relax, focus on my breathing and attain a very peaceful state. The effects on my physical body have been surprising. Whilst I expected muscle soreness to reduce due to the salt concentration, I did not expect fluid around and behind my knees (bakers cysts) to significantly reduce and almost disappear. This has been wonderful. I can recommend for anyone with osteoarthritis and painful joints, that floating may significantly reduce your discomfort. After having "dodgy" knees for over 12 months, floating has really helped to reduce fluid and get more movement and range. Definitely give it a go !

Marita Aldridge

Throughout 18 years in policing I have, on numerous occasions, felt the effects of my job. Exposure to incidents I had normalised effected my view of the world and of myself. It was impacting my personal life and the ability to make objective decisions. Jim was genuine, authentic and knowledgeable in his approach. He made the process of identifying and working through trauma so relaxed, explaining the science behind the Havening Technique so I understood why I was doing it and why it worked. In such a short period of time I was able to dispose of trauma and residual effects of trauma, one significant event at a time. After only one session, I felt lighter more confident and detached from limiting behaviours.
Looking forward to experiencing all that Breathe, Stretch Float Wellness Centre has to offer and utilising Jim’s extensive knowledge of alternate therapies

Anonymous, Adelaide

Just had a float in one of the tanks at Breathe Stretch Float - the most insanely relaxing thing I have ever done in my life it is absolutely impossible to feel stressed in there - and I was seriously stressed before I went in! I came out energised and feeling fantastic - I highly recommend this place to anyone - don’t wait do it now! Jim is absolutely lovely too.

Sayla Kimber

I walked in there with asthma after being sick and on medication, after 1 session my asthma cleared up for 1 week when I did not need to use my inhaler. most unique and relaxing salt room in Adelaide

Julian Penfold

Just had a magical float followed by some time in the salt therapy room.... it was a wonderful experience, I can’t wait to go back.
Can highly recommend Breathe Stretch Float - the lovely, warm service, beautiful welcoming and calming rooms, makes this the place to visit if you ever need to relax. I’m so relaxed I can barely make sense writing this. It works!

Shell Jayne-Pearce

I've visited 2 days in a row while in Adelaide. Yesterday was for a float and today for halotherapy. this is such a beautifully welcoming place to sit, float, read or just chat with Jim the owner - and he even gives a nice cup of herbal tea at the end of your session. Thanks Jim, I hope to be returning to Adelaide in January. I'll do float, salt and even hot yoga 🙏 Keep up the great work

Jo Gibbs

I tried Halotherapy (salt therapy) for the first time this morning at Breathe Stretch Float and found it to be sooo calming. I didn’t want to leave. What a beautiful space you have created. Thank you Jim 🙏🏼

Jessica Lee Harrison

The facilities are first rate and they really know what they are doing. Using these facilities is really going to improve my health!

Joanne Omond

Amazing float room that was beyond relaxing. Would definitely re-visit

Megan Schuitemaker

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