Studio Membership

Our highly qualified instructors will lead you carefully through our schedule of 21 classes per week. 

We host a wide range of classes ranging from hip hop, dance fitness, Bollywood fitness, various forms of yoga, warm and hot yoga through to Pilates, high intensity training and meditation. We truly are a one stop shop!

Our hot classes utilise infrared radiant heaters (similar to those used in infrared saunas), heat can maximise the effects of our yoga, Pilates and other classes so that you can experience dramatic improvements in weight loss, boosted metabolism, flexibility and much more. 

You will benefit from reduced stress and anxiety as you improve your general wellbeing through our strong commitment to mindfulness practice. 

Introductory two week unlimited studio trial passes are just $29 and our unlimited membership is just $18 per week until August.

The trial pass and membership allows access to any regular scheduled class on the timetable!


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