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"A magic cave of saltiness"

September 8, 2019


"The phrase 'working in a salt mine' takes on a whole new meaning when you enter a CBD office building and are transported into a wellness retreat.  Jim Ryan has imported more than four tonnes of 250-million-year old Himalayan salt blocks as part of a dreamy new health centre, complete with floatation tanks, yoga studio, mood lighting and soft music. 

It has infra red heat panels designed to warm the body rather than the air, while the two floatation tanks in separate rooms - large like space capsules rather than claustrophobic coffins - each have 350kg of Epsom salts to allow the guest to float weightless.  The crowning glory in this Flinders St office block is its salt cave."

"15 SA Girlie Weekend Away Ideas" - Adelady

September 16, 2019


"Spring couldn’t come fast enough. I don’t know if it’s just me, but there appears to be something in the air at that’s making all my girlfriends question life as it is right now.

Everyone needs a big fat hug — and maybe a girlie weekend away with their besties.

So, from one Adelady to another, I’ve put together a list of all the wild and wonderful places you can break free with your girlfriends in SA."


"SA Life - The Health and Wellness Issue 2020"

February 5, 2020


"Halotherapy - or salt therapy - is one of the newest modern tools, although the respiratory benefits of salt were researched as early as the 1800's, when a Polish physician discovered workers in salt mines suffered fewer respiratory problems.

Breathe Stretch Float is a new health and wellness centre on Flinders Street, offering Adelaide's first Himalayan Salt Cave with a floor lined with almost a ton of crushed Himalayan salt.  A halogenerator grinds pharmaceutical-grade salt that is dispersed into the air as tiny anti-bacterial particles.